Any innovative product is preceded by the development of new concepts, technologies and design. Every day at JURA, a team of highly qualified product developers, engineers, designers and marketing specialists search for answers to a single question: what will espresso and coffee machines look like in the future?


WMF is the leading international manufacturer of fully automatic commercial coffee machines. Every coffee system is unique in itself and a specialist for meeting individual needs. To this date all of the WMF coffee machines are being manufactured in Geislingen and can therefore pride themselves on being MADE IN GERMANY.



Illycafe Switzerland

Bel Etage is the export Brand of Illycafe Switzerland. Carlo Seitz from Basel founded 1939 together with Francesco Illy und Roberto Hausbrandt from Trieste the Swiss Company Illy Café. Illycafe today is probably one of the finest address for the Coffee Market in Switzerland.

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Chicco Doro

Caffè Chicco d’Oro

Since 1949, Caffè Chicco d’Oro has focused on living up to the taste expectations and requirements of a wide customer base in Switzerland as well as Italy, by placing great emphasis on the quality of its products. Today Caffè Chicco d’Oro is well known in Switzerland and overseas.

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J.J. Darboven

Back in 1866, a young German merchant named Johann Joachim Darboven was the first coffee seller to offer packaged ground coffee, sending it to many households via mail order. The company J. J. Darboven, a Hamburg Coffee Roaster, is one of the oldest Family owned Company in Germany.

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JURA Switzerland

JURA Switzerland is the leading innovative Espresso Machine Manufacturer since more than 20 years. Today JURA also roasts coffee the traditional SWISS ROAST way. A wide range of blends allow you to select that roast which suits your taste the best.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We list here the most commonly asked questions for your easy retrival. Should you have any question which is not listed, please use the form to send it to us.

JURA and its Accessories:
RICMAS Services (M) Sdn. Bhd. Block F, Rivercity, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah

WMF and its Accessories:
RICMAS Services (M) Sdn. Bhd. Block F, Rivercity, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah

Coffee Beans:
RICMAS Services (M) Sdn. Bhd. Block F, Rivercity, Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah
All our sales condition is base on EX WORK facility RICMAS. However, for retail priced items we arrange a delivery within Klang Valley at a rate of RM 60.00 per trip. If the purchase value exceeds RM 400.00 to one delivery point we shall waive the delivery charges.
Our delivery is only within Klang Valley, terms and conditions apply.
For export we only deliver EX WORK facility RICMAS.
Goods sold are not refundable. If you bring back your goods in a resellable condition within seven (7) days of purchase (Invoice date will be taken) you might exchange your goods for something else.
We do not sell any spare parts of machines to end users. However, you might purchase removable decorative parts of your machine.
Yes, we do accept trade-in of any electrical espresso machines when you purchase a new machine. Terms and conditions apply.
We do not issue any Warranty Cards, but every locally sold machine is registered on our cloud. You might look up your Warranty by providing the Invoice Number and Serial Number HERE
We do offer long term rental of professional machines. A Rental Agreement will have to be considered.
We do maintain a very complete and extensive Showroom where a demonstration can be performed. We do not demonstrate machines at the clients place prior purchase.
Please call +60 3 40438131 to arrange for servicing. During off hours a message will tell you where to call.
This is not a machine issue, but the cause lays in the Coffee Beans your are using. Oily, coated or old Coffee Beans are clogging the grinder. It is also possible that an object like a stone or a paper clip is jamming the grinder. Bring your machine to our service center to clear the grinder. Please be reminded, clogged Grinders do not fall under Warranty.
1. Switch off the machine, remove the drip tray and reinsert back everything excluding the used ground container.
2. Switch on the machine, let the brewer unit initialise back to the filling position. Once the machine shows ready, remove the drip tray and reinsert back together with the used ground container.
The service fee for a repair of a JURA machine is RM 180.00. This does not include spare parts and use-up material. You might also see our fix-cost rates for JURA Machines here HERE.
The service fee for a WMF Machine is RM 380.00 for locations within Klang Valley, excluding areas of high security. It is always best to sign a Service Pack Agreement with us.
JURA Machines are serviced best at our Hospitality Center. There are many transport organisations which can help you to send the machine in and collect it back.
Warranty of Servicing of your JURA machine only applies if it has been repaired in our Hospitality Center. If the machine fails for the same reason (except clogged grinders) within seven (7) days after completion, we shall service your machine at no cost. There is no Warranty on servicing, but on the parts applied during a servicing.
We can give you a Quotation for the repair of your JURA Machines. Please let us have the Article Number of your machine and we shall provide you with a fix-cost Quotation. This Quotation has to be approved before you send in the machine for repair.
JURA Accessories have a very limited amount of spares for repair. Please do bring in your JURA Accessory to our Hospitality Center where we shall make an assessment.

Our Showrooms

We maintain two showrooms for the two brands we represent. All available models are displayed and fully functioning for a demonstration anytime.

JURA Showroom


Meet The Hospitality Center

WMF Showroom


A complete range of commercial machines